Friday, March 20, 2009

two thumbs up

Since I've been on break I've had the time to catch up on some movies. I actually got 2 of them from the library, and one from netflix. I think I'll do more netflix next week. I love foreign language films, and there always seem to be plenty to find on DVD, since not many of them are released in theatres here and therefore I don't see the trailers for them.
Monsieur Ibrahim turned out to be a good, not great film. The young actor who plays Momo was incredible, and super hot (for a minor and all). I didn't care for the ending but a lot of people would like the "twist" at the end. The neighborhood it takes place in is a fascinating look into a different part/time of Paris. French with subtitles.

Jellyfish was fantastic. Slow-moving, but intricate and layered. It's about 3, really 4 women in Tel Aviv and how their lives connect in various places, seen and unseen. Great images and interesting shots of the city as well. It was sad and humorous, which I always admire in films. Hebrew with subtitles

This one I didn't like, and I usually love Italian films. It was strange and depressing, and I usually have a higher tolerance for both those qualities in foreign films, although they're subjective words I realize. The kind of depressing that isn't redeeming - just a reminder that some people live sad, hard lives.

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