Sunday, March 1, 2009

quiet sunday

Haven't been on here much the past few days. Been busy. I had report cards to write, a school function to prepare for, had a dance show to go to over an hour away, haven't been feeling super well. I've been super lazy today, watching food network and travel channel. I rarely make any of the specific dishes that I see on food network. They all take more time than I want to cook for, take more ingredients than I want to buy (I keep my cupboard essentials pretty low), and serve more people than I have to feed. I love the satisfaction of a dish well made, but I hate eating leftovers more than once, so I usually waste food and throw it out. But I do gain inspiration from watching shows and think of how I can modify some recipes and make them simpler/smaller.

Our table was the best for trivia night. People were seriously blown away.
Generation Y

Dress up

Went up to the College with Shelley on Wednesday for an invite-only dance production. It was so beautiful walking around in the dark before - it had been 65 that day and was still warm.


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  2. Right away diggin' the hallway! I love scenes that take you to infinity. This photo reminds me of old polaroid cameras (with the accordion lens).