Monday, March 30, 2009

What I Wore to School Today

Shirtdress = perfection. Essentially a just really long shirt, but it covers your butt so its totally legit to wear in public.

With my tights all shriveled up like the Wicked Witch of the West. Tights are the best

they're like a Snuggie for your bottom half.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Before and After

That was then....(what it looked like when I left two weeks ago)
This is now, upon my return to St. Louis. Spring has spring! Vibrant green grass, flowering and budding trees....I used to dislike spring because it could never make up its mind. Too much of a tease. Warm cold, wet dry, windy calm. But now I appreciate the sense of renewal and refreshment that I feel in spring.

How can a week go by so fast? School starts in two days, numbers same as below. Countdowns are out of control in spring. I'll be walking amongst these buildings....

Oh. And guess who's getting married..........

I wear a uniform

When I drive long distances. Yoga pants (which I bought specifically for a drive from Detroit to D.C. two years ago), a hoodie, and something underneath. I have to be comfortable when I drive and really don't care about the fact that I look like I'm in my pajamas at rest stops or McDonalds. It's bittersweet leaving Michigan, but it used to be just bitter when I left, so I guess I should be grateful.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

short term goals, and numbers

1. Work for an hour every day on lesson planning for the next 5 days
2. Work for two hours every day on my grad class papers
3. Get this shit done by noon every day so I have the rest of the day to read, veg, and watch movies
4. Maybe take a hike every day to get back in shape for the gym. to be determined.

1 week til I'm back in Saint Louis.
9 weeks of school left
7 weeks til Mexico school trip
2 summer trips to prepare for
3 summer weddings, including one I'm planning


Friday, March 20, 2009

two thumbs up

Since I've been on break I've had the time to catch up on some movies. I actually got 2 of them from the library, and one from netflix. I think I'll do more netflix next week. I love foreign language films, and there always seem to be plenty to find on DVD, since not many of them are released in theatres here and therefore I don't see the trailers for them.
Monsieur Ibrahim turned out to be a good, not great film. The young actor who plays Momo was incredible, and super hot (for a minor and all). I didn't care for the ending but a lot of people would like the "twist" at the end. The neighborhood it takes place in is a fascinating look into a different part/time of Paris. French with subtitles.

Jellyfish was fantastic. Slow-moving, but intricate and layered. It's about 3, really 4 women in Tel Aviv and how their lives connect in various places, seen and unseen. Great images and interesting shots of the city as well. It was sad and humorous, which I always admire in films. Hebrew with subtitles

This one I didn't like, and I usually love Italian films. It was strange and depressing, and I usually have a higher tolerance for both those qualities in foreign films, although they're subjective words I realize. The kind of depressing that isn't redeeming - just a reminder that some people live sad, hard lives.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Yesterday I went to visit my friend Holly and her adorable son Hendrix. Holly is my first friend from high school to have a baby, although I'm sure some others aren't far behind.
happy baby
very sweet and gurgly
I also went antiquing a bit and found these two bracelets for 12 bucks each
there was so much more that I wanted
but I'm really trying to refrain from buying things until I have a bigger apartment or house, because it just looks cluttered otherwise. I need wood floors and 2 bedrooms and a bigger living room.


tonight I made dinner for my family, which was only spaghetti but took awhile anyway. I found this amazing chicken garlic basil sausage at the store and put it into the sauce and salad.

Tomorrow I'm going to make the shortbread chocolate chip cookies that I made last weekend again. Buen Provecho.
I love this man.
europe 2010. I want to make it happen

It's been too long.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Here Comes the Sun

Although my St. Louis winter has been much milder and more pleasant the the Michigan winters to which I'm accustomed (I picked a good year to move - it's been brutal in Michigan), there's one thing that stays the same in the Midwest - the sun don't shine for about 4 months a year. I appreciate the milder temps and don't miss the snow (I hate driving in it) but most days have still been cloudy and gloomy looking. I thought it would be the same in Michigan, where I've come for 2 weeks for spring break, but it has been sunny and gorgeous. It's even gotten up to 50 degrees, which means all Michiganders are basically ready to go streaking through the streets.
One of my indulgences when I come home to my mom's house is cooking. I enjoy cooking, but I rarely do it in St. Louis. I get free lunches at school and I eat out a couple of times a week for dinner, so basically my grocery lists consist of ingredients for breakfast smoothies and something frozen from Trader Joe's or the Schnuck's deli. I just can't justify buying so many ingredients for one person, and I hate leftovers. My mom's kitchen is stocked much more than mine, plus she always asks for a grocery list to get things for my brother and I when we come home. Yesterday I made orangeade - yes, like lemonade, but with oranges. My favorite restaurant in East Lansing that used to make it closed. I found a recipe online that I tried - I boiled sugar and water and sealed it into Mason Jars a couple of days ago. Then yesterday I added fresh squeezed oranges (that I made my brother do), water, and the simple syrup concoction. It was pretty good, although next time I'll use 5 oranges, not 4. I also made these incredible shortbread chocolate chip cookies, but it didn't take a picture of them. I got the recipe from a coworker at school - it's so nice to have a new cookie recipe.

Today I went to the library and I'm going to read some books on the red gingham couch in the SUN. I love my life.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I do.

I recently helped a friend photograph a wedding. It was actually for an old childhood acquantaince whom I hadn't seen in a long time. She was so gracious and welcoming to involve me her in day. I was exhausted, but it was an amazing day and I learned a ton. These are a few of my favorites. More on my flickr, of course
so click here~~~~~~now.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Watch Out for the Po-Po

Found this software through my friend Victoria's lovely blog, it makes photos look like polaroids, which is great for the vintage photo craze I'm currently in~I pick up my Diana photos at the camera store today. Can't wait/am kind of scared....look for more polas and eventual Dianas on my flickrNew York from 40 floors up. Summer '06
Libby in Spain or somewhere a few summers back

G. Love at the Pageant in St. Louis several weeks ago

My current favorite picture, I love our hair matchiness in this

Fin. For now.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


In true style, I've left my paper due tomorrow until the very last minute. I had an amazing day of non-productiveness, and I have a self-imposed 2 hour time limit to finish my paper. I bought my Diana camera! yesterday, but like an idiot couldn't figure out how to load the film, so I went to Creve Coeur Camera in the morning and they showed me how. I swear I've loaded film before. Just not for about 5 years, and it's tricky on these little toy cameras. Then I went to Starbucks, went down to the Central West End with Katie to antique and stuff. Found some amazing old billiard balls and letter blocks that I will do something creative with. Spent too much money at Left Bank Books.
Went here:
Ate half of this:
And this:

The other halves are for Libby. She comes so soon! Tonight will be epic, then Libby will experience my aquatic routine at the gym tomorrow, then I get to shadow the wedding photographer and learn lots! No one should have to work when it's 70+ degrees out. I've said this with all of my classes, but I will truly be so glad when this class is over. After all, it's my last one!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

bang bang

Feeling a little frisky at the salon today. Told them to chop some bangs on a whim. I like. Do not worry, Operation Grow My Hair Until Forever is still in effect.

darling diana

I think I'm going to buy a Diana camera (or maybe a Holga.) I am rebelling against my Canon, which I loooove, and I'm trying to learn so much about composition and settings with that, but there is no unpredictability with a digital camera. I love the vignetting and softer colors and low-res features of the Diana. I can play with it in an artsier way. They sell Dianas at Urban Outfitters, which is so cliche and poser-ish, but I don't want to really look around for a Holga online because I'm lazy and I prefer buying things in stores rather than online. So I think I'm going to go with the Diana. This summer is going to be mad photo time.

Monday, March 2, 2009

RIP, Flats Grille

The best restaurant in East Lansing, Michigan and one of my all-time favorites has closed. Flats Grille was one of the few places on Grand River that had survived from my freshman year through....well, now - too many years later. Apparently the owner failed to pay some back taxes - 8 thousand or something. I'm not for tax evasion or anything, but I would have gladly donated 10 bucks to keep it going. I'm sure at least 800 other people would have too. Flats was what a college town food place should be - quirky, well-priced, great food, and unpretentious. And they had the most amazing orangeade in the world. With God as my witness, I will spend the rest of my life trying to make orangeade that tastes like Flats.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

quiet sunday

Haven't been on here much the past few days. Been busy. I had report cards to write, a school function to prepare for, had a dance show to go to over an hour away, haven't been feeling super well. I've been super lazy today, watching food network and travel channel. I rarely make any of the specific dishes that I see on food network. They all take more time than I want to cook for, take more ingredients than I want to buy (I keep my cupboard essentials pretty low), and serve more people than I have to feed. I love the satisfaction of a dish well made, but I hate eating leftovers more than once, so I usually waste food and throw it out. But I do gain inspiration from watching shows and think of how I can modify some recipes and make them simpler/smaller.

Our table was the best for trivia night. People were seriously blown away.
Generation Y

Dress up

Went up to the College with Shelley on Wednesday for an invite-only dance production. It was so beautiful walking around in the dark before - it had been 65 that day and was still warm.