Sunday, April 17, 2011

walkin' in Memphis, take 2

This weekend I had the opportunity to help chaperone a high school trip to the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis. It was my second time there (my first being my spontaneous, splurgy Memphis trip last year) and it was even better the second time around. The students were rightfully blown away at the stories of those who fought against such injustice...really it's something every American should see....obviously that's not possible, so I'll begin my little crusade to have all the juniors at the school (those taking US History) go.

Our tight schedule didn't allow for much sightseeing (no ducks this time) but we did get to walk around Beale Street for a little while and treated the students to friend green tomatoes, friend pickles, and chicken wings from here:

Even though I've been to Memphis twice now, they've both been short trips and it only makes me want to return for a longer period of time to soak up more Southern charm, history, and amazing food!

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