Thursday, March 18, 2010

D is for Duck

My neglected A to Z series clearly needed some loving and inspiration....the Peabody Hotel was the perfect solution...decades ago, some drunk hotel guests were duck hunting all day and left live ducks in the lobby fountain in the middle of the night as a joke...lo and behold in the morning, guests were delighted to see ducks swimming in the fountain. The owners promptly found ducks to live there....they have a palace on the roof and are marched in (on a red carpet, seriously) at 11am, lounge in the fountain all day, and are marched out of the fountain at 5pm to go back to the duck palace for the night. They also change ducks every few months and send the old ones to a farm, so its fairly humane. And they take the duck decor to the max.
on the be careful! signs

on the elevator floor

on the linens...

the food.....

now for E....E is for..............?


  1. Looks like that hotel has all its "ducks in a row." :) (Sorry... I had to!)