Friday, August 27, 2010

R is for Review

As summer draws to a close, I've finished my massive reading list that commenced at the beginning of June. I love reading so much and rarely do it during the school year - but now I feel impelled to always have one "for fun" book on my nightstand in addition to professional/spiritual reading. Out of the 10 books I read this summer, these 3 were absolute delights and my favorites:

This was on the Times bestseller list for a while. I read several glowing reviews of it, including a couple that compared it to To Kill a Mockingbird. In my opinion, nothing could be on the same level as that. However, this book was fantastic. Fiction, but written from someone who grew up in the South in the 60s, the book details the lives of African-American women who are nannies for more privileged white children. It is chilling at times, but also warmly written. The civil rights movement is something that the South still feels repercussions of today, so I think it's wonderfully relevant.

I loved the movie The Blind Side, and the book was even better. It gave more insight into Michael Oher's story and just how much he had to overcome. It's also a sad commentary on our inner cities and how oppressive systematic racism can be in this country. I'm generally a little bit cynical of cheesy Hollywood endings, but this story was truly possible because of unselfish and loving people, and I'm all for that!

This book, while fiction, detailed a chapter of history I didn't know anything about - the English Channel Islands which were occupied by German soldiers during World War 2. Serious subject matter, but a quirky and whimsical love story told through letters.

Any suggestions for fall reading?

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