Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

maybe for next year. here

2010 was an interesting year for me. It was full of personal/spiritual growth and trials, and a lot of hard work and discipline. But there were many fun moments as well:

taking a spontaneous weekend trip and staying in a great hotel (which I've always wanted to do),

working for my favorite jewelry designer during the summer and adding to my personal collection,

taking a photo class and learning more about photography,

and of course enjoying all the wonderful artsy, design, photography, travel, and lifestyle blogs that I've discovered the past couple of years.

This week I also took a step towards something I've been thinking about for awhile - deactivating my facebook account. While I may go back on to collect contact information for my true (not just "facebook" friends), I'm looking forward to cutting it out of my life for good. What initially started out as a great way to find old friends and a convenient way to message/talk to people has disintegrated into a privacy-violating mess of advertising, hiding newsfeeds of people I don't really even care to keep in contact with, and a big time-waster. While I will miss seeing pictures at times or the easy mass-messaging ability to organize groups, I think my time online can be spent doing better things.

I don't really love resolutions - everyday I try to live a certain way and work to be the best version of myself...but I do like to set goals. Maybe that's just another way of saying resolutions? Anyway, in 2011 I hope to-

continue taking photos,

move to a bigger apartment,

travel somewhere in this beautiful country to visit friends.

An excursion out of the country would be great too :-)

I also need to better organize the blogs/websites I follow, and of course I'll keep this piece of the web as my little journal/inspiration board/catchall. Thanks for reading, or lurking! xo

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