Monday, October 18, 2010

things that should not be seen at a pumpkin patch

-an abundance of mullets
-an abundance of bump-its (or bump-it style hairdos)
-an abundance of cigarettes
(sensing a theme here)
-large, inflatable, pumpkin bouncy playthings
-a "hayride" with no hay that pulls a tractor around the parking lot
-hot dogs, nachos, and pop as opposed to CIDER and DOUGHNUTS

...after attempting the "corn maze" and surveying the scanty field of pumpkins, my friend and I checked out and went for ice cream. No autumn-ish photos were achieved. I think a fall trip to Michigan next year will be mandatory.


  1. Bummer! Along the way to MI next year, you could check out the largest corn maze in America--Richardson's in IL. No inflatable pumpkins, but they have sold out with a zip line and orbiting.

  2. Zip line = cool, but not at a pumpkin patch. Are you still in Chicago? I want to make a Chi trip sometime this year!