Sunday, October 10, 2010

birthday weekend... dog is still the cutest. I used to like other people's dogs and not want my own. Now I love my own and chances are I don't like anyone else's. mom bought me this necklace. I LOVE it.

...I borrowed a 70-200mm lens to take pictures of my brother's football game. Sports photography is hard. And it was 87 degrees, disgustingly hot for October. But it was fun and having a lens that can zoom so well for the perfect action shot is exhilirating.

this still makes my heart happy.

click for better.

And yes, my Spartans won. So really it was a perfect weekend.
I went to a fall party where the house was so perfectly autumnish and cozy and decorated. I need to get to a pumpkin patch, stat. Also nice would be a house with a gorgeous interior and grounds to decorate. One thing at at time.

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