Sunday, September 19, 2010

indian summer

It is football season. Fall. My fave. And it is still in the 90s in Saint Louis. This is not okay. I don't care how much I'll want warmth in January (really, the winters aren't terrible here anyway. I don't dread them the way I did in Michigan.) I want to wear a sweater to games, not a tank top and shorts. I want to leave and go home to warm up, not go home to shower and get unsweaty.
My mom came to visit this weekend and watch my little brother's football game, which was so nice. I was feeling quite under the weather (I know...the hot weather) and there is nothing like having your mom around when you're not 100%, no matter how old you are. Naturally we had to be at the game about an hour early, so she could watch warmups and feel the "ambience"

When my brother, who is a captain, walks out hand and hand with the other captains for the coin toss, my heart does a little flip. Brotherly love! Love it! Seriously, click the picture!

I bought a new lamp. My walls are still fairly boring. My mom and I spent Saturday morning in the city wandering around little garden/junk shops and going to the farmers market. My fridge is now half full of fresh veggies and cider, and half full of leftovers from all the meals out we had.

School is too busy. Much to catch up on after being a bit off my game this past week. Onward!

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