Saturday, September 25, 2010


-fall weather. it's finally here! 60/70s (50s at night!) weather
-farmers market...full of apples, gourds, cider....summer corn and peaches are gonzo
-the photo class I'm taking...going to take some portraits of my sister in law today. thinking about renting a better lens soon to test my skills more....
-the future of my flickr...hoping to have some sort of consistent photo shoot 2x/month....but I've sort of lost interest in posting to flickr
-grateful for my blog. this is the best diary/journal/thought keeper/indulgent self-expression outlet that I've ever had. I used to think I wanted to have some sort of catch/ the wonderful design/fashion/craft/living blogs I love. But that's too much work. And that's not me. Other people do that so well....I love posting what I enjoy, not trying to have a conglomerate of what's trendy and keeping track of everything. I love this for me and my friends.

(photo:autumn gallery)

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