Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i like the feeling when you check into a hotel room and first open the door.
it's not really personal. they make beds for everyone, and give everyone a key.
everyone gets the little soap. and plastic wrapped cups.
but they feel like yours. somehow its exciting.

i like my own bed even more. and the feeling when i walk into my room
and slide between the sheets
not scratchy. or dirty from someone i don't know

i like beds.


  1. The "bed & breakfast" Steve and I stayed at in Barcelona decided they didn't need to buy soap for their customers anymore... That was an adventure...

  2. yuck. I love jumping on hotel beds, but not using their sheets. Maybe I need to be a diva and start bringing a sheet of my own.

  3. A photo of me and Carla jumping on a bed in Mallorca was featured on this blog: