Sunday, October 11, 2009

before and after

Boring wall in my living room before. It was like this for a full year. I hate compromising and I knew what I wanted to get.
Awesome antique tile mirror. I found a company that makes these from salvaged tin ceiling tiles while I was at a flea market in New York 3 years ago. I've coveted them forever and finally bought 2 this fall.

Tada! New bookshelf, antique glass lamps and blue vase. My mom put this together over the weekend for me. Excuse the flash and terrible lighting; I do get good natural lighting in my room but the sun had set already.

Mirror detail. See more amazing this like this here

The lamps were unbelievably $5 each at a flea market, and the vase was $3.50 - I almost cried when I found them. I'm on a quest for shades today.


  1. Looks great!! Mom's are the best!!!
    Also, love the new CC look! Zorro pequeño made the top collage!! Love it!

  2. Thanks! I felt like switching up the look. I may play around with the collage more. I took that of Zorro the day before you got married!