Friday, July 3, 2009

thoughts for today.

I am never getting bangs again. They look good for about 2 days, then they are a constant hassle. Straight-cut bangs do not look good on me, so I have to get the sideswept ones. But I am constantly pushing them out of my eyes and behind my ear. When it's totally humid or if I don't flat iron them everyday, they fly up and look horrible. The growing out phase is impossible.

My brother is getting married in a week. He and his fiancee are here (at the summer house) and the rest of the family is descending upon us tomorrow. It's going to be a week of crazy fun. Hopefully less crazy and more fun. Today is the first warm, sunny day in 3 days so we all feel like we can go outside again.

I don't have a tripod, so I don't think I can make my fireworks pictures as epic as my flickr contact Alex's are. But I'm going to try and improvise.

Blogger is being ridiculous and pictures aren't posting the way I want them. But check out these great bedrooms. I don't know if she styles all them or just compiles the photos, but the point is I need a better apartment so I can do stuff like this.

Today I'm wearing a t-shirt with a lion on it. Rawr.

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