Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Bushes outside my apartment.....twill be covered with snow in the morning. The great storm of 2011 began to make its way into Saint Louis on Monday with lots of rain - we were sent home early from school (albeit, a little prematurely) and by Monday night, it had turned to ice....the roads were virtually undriveable and no one was out today. In fact, they've closed major interstates all around the state. Now the ice has turned to snow, so once again I'll be forced to sleep in and watch copious amounts of television tomorrow. Although a little productivity is on the docket too. Thank goodness the power hasn't gone out,. and hopefully the roads will be a little clearer by early afternoon, if only for a quick excursion to the store or starbucks. I like my laziness, but I'll be getting a little stir-crazy by tomorrow. Today started off well enough - I didn't slip while walking the dog, my 2 doors over neighbor/friend who grew up in Spain invited me over for churros and hot chocolate, and I sufficiently caught up on my DVR queue.

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