Thursday, November 11, 2010

el concierto

Went to see Joshua Radin last night with some friends who are quite in love with him. While I didn't know his stuff that well, it was quite lovely - his upbeat stuff more so than his mellower songs, which made me rather sleepy (teacher girl out on a school night way past bedtime!) But I liked his opening acts even better. I would've been fine with just hearing them. And the Pageant per usual was a lovely venue. I only achieved crappy cell phone photos because my camera/lens are bigger than they allow inside, so these will have to suffice for now.

This guy was pretty fly. When we went to buy his CD afterwards he was tres chatty and complimented my outfit.

But these guys were the BEST - my new band obsession for sure.

The best part was perhaps my 'Dude, Where's My Car' moment this morning when I went out to walk my dog and my car was nowhere to be seen. I stood scratching my head for about 3 minutes before remembering that I had parked it at a friend's house about a quarter of a mile away and gotten a ride from there. I was dropped back off at my apartment and was so sleepy on the way home that I forgot to have them take me to my car. Looks like I'm hoofing it over there today!

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