Tuesday, June 29, 2010

H is for History

There are few things I like better than historic family photos. My love for them goes far beyond the current craze of "vintage" cameras and photos and hipstamatic software. While I certainly embrace how fun that can be (and I have toy cameras and get film processed these days for an older look), I love, above all, the happiness, nostalgia, and pride I feel when looking through these. While ordinary to most people, they are extraordinary to me because I know the stories and meanings behind them, and how they helped me become who I am today.
My grandma, one of the quirkiest, most loving women I ever had the priviledge of knowing.

Cousins & sets of sisters, including my aunt and mom (3rd and 5th in line)

my other grandma, great grandpa, and aunt....chicagoans braving the south in less open times

siblins, granparents, and dad. how ridiculously awesome are my grandma's hat and shades?
more from the vault soon.


  1. LOVE these! i agree with you on your grandma's ensemble, very awesome!

  2. I LovVe your AtoZ series. H is one of my favorites. Sometimes I don't want you to get to Z because I don't want it to be over.