Monday, May 31, 2010

too much?

this duvet? thoughts? I love the print....would I hate it in 6 months? too graphic? too cliche with the currently-ubiqitous peacock design? all the rage now...will it look neat and vintage someday or just cheesy? am I overthinking this? help, blogosphere!


  1. Michelle,
    I love it! Although I love Peacocks, tree branches, and neutral colors for bedding.


  2. I love just about everything from Dwell Studio, but I've never been able to commit because I do tend to get sick of things. When I want pattern, I tend to stick to cheap things at Target and Ikea. But I do love the colors and the branch-y pattern of that duvet!

  3. I LOVE it! Its beautiful, girly (yet modern) and not SO ubiquitous that you will feel trendy. I think it walks the timeless yet fresh line very well. :)

    Also buy a great solid (like the blue one from west elm that you blogged about awhile back, or a great strong color like chocolate brown or mustard yellow)and you can mix and match the shams and duvet so you can change it up when you want a respite from the pattern!

  4. or a deep eggplant would look amazing too!

  5. Thanks, blogging amigas! Love the idea about different shams, V!