Saturday, April 10, 2010

Roaring 20s

This weekend I've been watching my little brother star in his high school spring production, a musical called Good News set in the 1920s. His school's costume department is fabulous and the clothes have me so inspired - not just the typical flapper/fringe dresses that you find in Halloween stores, but the more everyday clothes - I love the details...the low waistlines, the low strap heels, and the HATS! Oh, the hats...
Do you know about Wikimedia Commons? A compilation of literally millions of historic media images that Wikipedia has collected and are free to public use? So fun to browse....

Heels on the beach! A 20s-inspired photo shoot with today's photographers and technology would be fantastic, although I love the vintage feel of these...
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  1. lovely!!! i love 20' fashions... very feminine!

  2. yes, the femininity is one of the things I love most!