Sunday, February 7, 2010

C is for Crayon

Is there anything better than the smell of crayons? I think not. I love how smells are instant time machines. Crayons take me back to childhood, the art room, and happy days coloring. Even I, with no artistic ability whatsoever, enjoyed a good crayon session. As a teacher I've found colored pencils have definitely taken over most elementary schools these days (except maybe in preschool). The best part of crayons are the orange yellow green blue indigo violet have come a long way. My personal favorites are burnt sienna and scarlet.


  1. I like Caribbean Green and Razzmatazz. Although I am not a huge fan of the color Jazzberry Jam I appreciate the name. Did you take these crayon pictures to continue your alphabet!?

  2. No, I found these on google search. Should have credited it....oops!