Thursday, January 7, 2010

3 Things

So I don't cook super often. I enjoy it at times, but don't often feel inspired to make full meals - I'm pretty good at putting together little snacks and yummy things to nosh on. I've decided, however, that I should have a few signature dishes.
I absolutely love crab cakes. Good crab cakes that really melt in your mouth are so hard to find. This would be a big endeavor, judging from the recipes I've googled. Lots of subtle flavors and tricky to get the texture/doneness just right. Still undecided as to whether I'll attempt these.

Lasagna - love a good lasagna. However too many recipes turn out with emphazise pasty, too-thick noodles, soggy sauce, and plain ground beef. I need to find a more sophisticated recipe.

I love enchiladas, both the more healthy recipes and the greasy ones at Mexican restaurants. I have an okay recipe for chicken enchiladas that I need to refine a bit.

Twenty-Ten: I become gourmet.

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  1. YUM. I did some cooking over the holidays and it was a lot of fun! Maybe 2010 = culinary year for Libby too! Or maybe 2011, when I'm done with my classes...