Sunday, December 13, 2009

meet my new beagle, Cadet.

I've always considered myself a dog liker, not dog lover. We always had a dog growing up in my family, but there was a definite distinction between people and pets in my home. Lots of love, but no riding around in the car with us, sleeping on our beds or couches, or total spoiling.
And I haven't ever really wanted a dog of my own. But before Thanksgiving my mom mentioned that a coworker of hers just had a baby with his wife and newborn+dog = badness for them. Those intuitive mamas always know what's right for us before we do. Somehow my arm got twisted and I was visiting her for a "trial look" at Thanksgiving. One look and I was hooked. A couple of days later she was at my mom's house making herself at home. I'm taking her back to Saint Louis in January.

And let me tell you, she is the cutest, smartest, peppiest, most badass dog ever. I swore I wouldn't be one of those people who lets their dogs jump on furniture and takes them around everywhere, but I think I'm caving.


  1. Meesh, this is so wonderfuL! Your new doggy is so cute! Does she have a name yet?? Can't wait to meet her!

  2. Yep, her name is Cadet. That is the name she came with and I really like it, so its staying.

  3. Ella está muy chévere! (That's Ecuador lingo for "She's cool.") So glad you're joining the rest of us dog-lovers. (And I can relate on the mom's-know-best front. That's why I have 2 cats instead of 1.)