Saturday, February 21, 2009

thanks, mama

This wasn't taken in black and white. My counter is just so damn gray
I ate lots of cookies today. Which is terrible because I went to the gym this morning and was all productive, then I totally ruined it. I also placed myself on self-imposed house arrest in order to work in report cards, but that hasn't gone so well either. I watched a movie and fell asleep, and woke up totally thirsty and starved (I don't think I drank enough water after the steam room and sauna at the gym.) So I made cheesy scrambled eggs and homemade garlic toast for dinner. It was so delicious. Scrambled eggs and toast is the kind of meal that I would have turned my nose up as a child. My poor exhausted mother would suggest it for dinner so that she could have somewhat of a respite from cooking, and we would all moan and whine. I love breakfast, but I am not a breakfast for dinner person. Until maybe now. And homemade garlic bread is so easy and so much better than any frozen bread I've had. I just put a couple of shakes of garlic salt into some softened butter, mash it, and spread it over slices from a baguette or other bread (not sliced loaf bread though). Then I bake the slices for 5 minutes at 350. I can totally control the garlic amount, sogginess, and crispness, which I can never do with pre-prepared garlic bread. Now back to the report cards.........

My mom mentioned that she's thinking about getting a cat, after a long time without one. So in honor of her dinner inspiration and love of cats, this is a photo of our old cat Muggles. Rest in peace, kitty.

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